Counselling Support

Perhaps you have found your way here due to a difficult or challenging time in your life. You may be experiencing a bereavement, relationship difficulties or a loss of direction in your life. At these times it can be helpful to talk to a trained professional counsellor.


What Counselling can offer

Counselling offers you an opportunity to tell your story in a safe and confidential space. Talking to a professional counsellor will enable you to explore your thoughts and feelings whilst providing insight and understanding into how you relate to self and others. This process often leads to a positive change within, leading to a greater sense of motivation and purpose in one’s own life.

At the heart of my approach is the belief that exploring and understanding ourselves and our experience can be liberating; giving us the freedom to make better choices in life.

As a qualified counsellor I can listen in a way that can help you identify and understand the source of your concerns whilst finding new ways of managing your difficulties.


Finding the right counsellor is vital to the process therefore I offer an introductory one-hour session for £25 There is no obligation and if you decide that you would like ongoing counselling the fee is £45 per session.